Our company offers many wonderful packages to satisfy your needs! We also can custom design your ride to accommodate any individual request. Our limousines are equipped with TV, DVD Player, 2 CD Players, complimentary full bar, and a inside phone where you can communicate with the driver. All packages have duration time listed however any package could be extended upon request. Please check our packages, select one you like and call us or book ride on line NOW.

Romantic Dinner
This amazing package includes pick up in stretchy 8-10 passengers limousine with complimentary full bar of beverages and soft drinks, mini-tour of San Diego and trip to your favorite restaurant. Special dinner deals available upon request. 3hrs. round-trip.
Only $265! Call for more details!

San Diego Visitor Tour
Visiting San Diego and want to unwind? Check this relaxing tour including pick up in a stretchy 8-10 passengers limousine, complimentary full bar, any beverages available upon request, drive to the most beautiful beaches in the country to watch a sunset, tour of San Diego and stop at a restaurant or a bar. 4hrs. round-trip.
Only $315! Call for more details!

Birthday Party Specials
This fun package includes pick up in a stretchy 8-10 passengers limousine, Golden Sunset will provide birthday party supplies, full bar of beverages and flowers for the birthday person! Drive in Downtown at night with the complimentary drinks, stop at restaurant or a bar and 1-2 nightclubs. 3hrs or 5hrs round-trip.
$300 for 3hrs - $425 for 5hrs Call for more details!

Sin City Tours
This amazing SIN CITY PACKAGE includes pick up in a black stretchy limousine, fully equipped with full bar of beverages and soft drinks, your favorite wine, champagne, and snacks available upon request. It's going to be a nice pleasant drive to Las Vegas where you, your date or friends and business associates can relax, drink a glass of wine, watch a movie as limousine is equipped with DVD player, listen to your favorite CD and enjoy views. Driver will accommodate passengers with as many requested stops as needed including snack stops or store stops. Package includes drop off at your Hotel, trips to a Five Star Restaurant, Night Club or a Gentleman's club for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, pick up from your hotel next day and nice relaxing trip back home. As a part of this package our company will provide you with special deals on hotels, restaurants, free passes to clubs. Regular clients will get FREE hotel rooms!

Orange County-Las Vegas round trip / San Diego-Las Vegas round trip / Los Angeles-Las Vegas round trip. Our company can also provide a one-way tours or week-days trips upon request.

Custom Pricing Call for more details!

Girls Night Out
Super entertaining package. Includes stretchy limousine 8-10 passenger pick up, complimentary full bar with soft drinks, beverages and bottle of red wine, extra order of wine available upon request. After working hard all week and working at home for your husband and kids- it is now time to take your girlfriends out and have fun! Stop at the Shopping Mall for retail therapy and snacks with girlfriends, drive by the beach to unwind and stop at the favorite restaurant or a bar. 4.5 hrs round-trip.
Only $400! Call for more details!

Wedding Party
Wedding party is a custom designed ride for every individual case and will be priced differently according to duration of the trip and special accommodations for the guests. Including 8-10 passengers stretchy limousine pick up, more limousines available upon request if there is a need. Every limousine will have wedding decorations and white flowers bouquet gift for the Bride! Complimentary full bar with beverages and soft drinks. Duration of the trip and amount of stops and different tours as well as photo stop where our driver can assist you with taking photos will be regulated by request of a Bride and Groom or their representative booking the ride. Please call and our company booking Agent will design your special Wedding Ride you will never forget!
Custom Pricing! Call for more details!

Executive Airport Pick up/Drop Off
Executive Airport round-trip or one way ride is a first class airport transportation including complimentary full bar where you can relax and have a drink before or after the flight. Our driver will pick you up at your hotel/home and assist you with your luggage. For the round-trip you will be picked up at the airport, luggage assistance and taken to your hotel/home with class relaxing in a stretchy limousine. If you are traveling with your Lady-bouquet of roses available upon request. Our company will be happy to assist you with your any airport needs and pick you up or drop you off in San Diego airport as well as other areas including Orange County airport and LAX.
$75/hr - 140 Round-Trip or Custom Pricing! Call for more details!

Prom Night Party Ride
Prom Night trip includes pick up in a 8-10 passengers stretchy limousine, complimentary bar, night drive into San Diego clubbing area, stop at the restaurant or a bar, stop at the 1-2 nightclubs. Drive to a desirable areas. Ride can be extended upon request! 4.5 hrs round-trip.
Only $400! Call for more details!

Temecula Wine Tour
This wonderful tour includes stretchy limousine pick up, complimentary full bar, Temecula historical visitor tour, 2-4 different wineries stops, wine tasting and stop at the restaurant for snacks. Pricing will be custom dependable on how many hours is the ride and amount of requested stops.
Custom Pricing! Call for more details!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
Very popular bachelor/bachelorette package includes stretchy 8-10 passengers limousine pick up, complimentary full bar with beverages and soft drinks, night drive into San Diego clubbing area as well as drive to Orange County clubs or Los Angeles available upon request! Stops at the restaurant or a bar, nightclub and 1-2 Premium Gentleman's Clubs. Enjoy your Clubbing, Party and drink all you want and then we will take you back to your home/hotel.Why risk a DUI if you can party first class in a stretchy limousine? VIP Entertainer Hosts for Bachelor/Bachelorette, just request it and we will be happy to help you with that.
Custom Pricing! Call for more details!

Business Meetings, Executive Corporate Events
Business Package includes stretchy limousine pick up, complimentary full bar where you can have a private conversation with you Business Executives or a Partner, every limousine equipped with privacy dividers. This package is a perfect way to take your business partners to dinner, corporate event or brilliant idea for Real Estate Agent take a client on a tour of a high end properties with class, relax in a limousine, have a pleasant conversation, drink or snack and make a high-end premium property sales/purchase experience really fun for your client!
Custom Pricing! Call for more details!

Holiday Packages
Golden Sunset Limousine offering holiday packages an special discounts for Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St.Patrick's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, President's Day, 4Th of July, Easter etc. Please always check our website for special deals!
Custom Pricing! Call for more details!

*Limousines also can be rented hourly, daily, weekly or monthly for your any special needs including CEO's and Executives rentals for every day use. Golden Sunset Limousine will be happy to work out a good deal for you. Gratuity is not included in the packages.

Golden Sunset Limousine will accommodate you in your every transportation need in any event in your life from Prom Party to Airport Pick up and much more! Just call or email us and our customer service representatives will help you or you can book a ride on line. Any special event including round trip drop off/pick up to Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic or romantic date or any event in your family life-Golden Sunset Limousine is the best choice for you!